Coronavirus & My Driving Test – What’s going on?

Coronavirus & My Driving Test – What’s going on?

It’s hard to think of any areas of our lives that have not been touched by the impact of this novel virus and driving is certainly one of them. All driving tests, save those for key workers, have been suspended since 20th March for a period of 3 months. Shortly after that on 23rd March lockdown was imposed and with it went the chance to even get a lesson.

As we start to emerge from our imposed isolation it is becoming clear that going in to lockdown was the easy part, coming out will be much more difficult. ‘When it’s safe’ seems to be the phrase but at the same time this phrase seems to be largely meaningless due to the fact that, unlike other aspects of our life, we are neither sure nor do we agree what is ‘safe’. Our other phrase of the time ‘Social Distancing’ is particularly relevant to driving lessons and tests for pretty obvious reasons.

When it’s safe?

Perhaps this is the reason that the Government and its agency the DVSA are struggling to grasp the nettle of the issue as to when it will be safe to learn and test people’s ability to drive. The fact that lessons & tests have continued throughout the whole of the lockdown period surely demonstrates that it is possible to engage in this activity without unthinkable consequences? Despite this I sit here today in the position of having 5 students with tests booked in the near future and the guidelines prevent me from getting them properly prepared.

So what should we do? Break the ‘rules’ and just get on with it? Is it ok just to feel safe within yourself or do we still need to consider our civic duty in preventing the spread of the virus. Now that the mantra of ‘Protect the NHS’ has long gone as long as we ‘Stay Alert’ and take the sensible precautions we can get on with some lessons, can’t we? Well, the official answer is no.

The DVSA are still only recommending lessons and tests for these seemingly immune Key Workers who in my mind are more likely to spread the virus than anyone else! It seems to me that this issue has become stuck in the Politics and the Messaging and preventing from us from common sense based resumption. For example, how can Boris Johnson expect the general public to adhere to the Bubble concept whilst also allowing multiple people share the same close position for up to 2hrs at a time.

In this respect I understand the difficult position the Government is in but if we are to return to a functioning world, as schools will no doubt tell you, a new approach is needed. Looking at today’s announcement on the size of the recession, time is a luxury we don’t have.